Women's Self-Defense Kit: Pepper Spray & Mini Stun Gun

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Description: Feel empowered and secure with the FightSense Self-Defense Kit. This powerful combo pepper spray and mini stun gun pairs a sleek black FightSense Pepper Spray with a mini stun gun, both designed for your safety. Be well-prepared to handle potential threats with this comprehensive kit.


  • Enhanced Protection: The pepper spray delivers 25 bursts in a pressurized stream, offering extended defense against multiple attackers.
  • Maximum Stopping Power: Featuring a potent 18% OC red pepper formula, the pepper spray provides incapacitating protection.
  • Disabling Power: The mini stun gun delivers a strong shock to deter attackers.
  • Safe to Carry: The stun gun includes a safety switch to prevent accidental discharges, ensuring controlled use.
  • Improved Visibility: The built-in 120-lumen LED flashlight provides convenient illumination, replacing the mini stun gun in this version of the kit.
  • Eco-Friendly Design: The rechargeable stun gun eliminates the need for batteries, reducing waste.

Key Features:

  • FightSense Pepper Spray:
    • 25 bursts for extended defense.
    • 12-foot range for effective use.
    • UV marking dye for suspect identification.
    • Secure and easy-to-use twist-lock safety mechanism.
    • Lightweight design for convenient carrying.
  • Rechargeable Stun Gun (not included in this version):
    • Compact size for easy portability.
    • Rechargeable design with included charging cable (when included).