Best Keychain Stun Gun & Pepper Spray Combo Pack for Women Self Defense

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✅FIGHTSENSE Stun Gun & Pepper Spray combo pack. Keychain Stun gun features a powerful 90 dB cracking sound that can deter attackers, as well as a bright 120-lumen flashlight for added protection. With the keychain, the stun guns are easy to carry, and they come with a belt holster for quick and convenient access. While pepper spray features as 18% OC red pepper spray and UV identifying dye pressurized stream for optimum efficiency without blowback.



Stun gun Features:                                                    Pepper Spray Features:

  • Unique Keychain
  • Pouch keychain
  • Belt holster
  • Leather keychain pouch
  • Powerful 90 dB cracking sound with Bright 120-lumen flashlight
  • 16 foot range with 25 burst in a powerful pressurized stream
  • Rubberized Body with Compact and portable design
  • Easy-to-use twist lock safety mechanism



  • Protect yourself and your loved ones
  • A versatile tool for everyday situations
  • Easy to carry with you wherever you go
  • Ensures maximum accessibility
  • Secure grip, minimizing slippage, even in high-pressure moments
  • Pepper Spray designed to be effective at a safe distance