Stun Gun Pen and Pepper Spray Combo for Personal Safety

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Description: Elevate your safety with the Stun Gun Pen with Flashlight & Pepper Spray Combo, featuring the best pen stun gun with a powerful lumen output for enhanced visibility. Utilize the stun gun pen and pepper spray for swift and effective self-defense. Compact and portable, this device is designed for seamless use, providing peace of mind wherever you are.


  • Trusted protection with an independently tested stun gun pen and pepper spray combo.
  • Effective deterrence with intimidating sound and high voltage capability.
  • Compact and lightweight, ideal for outdoor activities.
  • Cost-effective rechargeable option, backed by a lifetime warranty.
  • Discreet and low-profile for everyday carry.

Key Features:

  • Rechargeable with USB option and lifetime warranty.
  • The LED light provides enhanced visibility with powerful lumens.
  • This pepper spray comes with 18% OC red pepper spray and UV-identifying dye with a 14-foot range with 25 bursts in a powerful pressurized stream for optimum efficiency without blowback.
  • LOOKS LIKE A PEN, ACTS LIKE A WEAPON  conceals a powerful 1,600 μC charge with Inner Stun Technology.