FIGHTSENSE (12PC) Heavy Duty Stun Gun Wholesale for Men & Women, Anti Grab Stun Gun for self Defense, LED Flashlight, Safety Switch Stun Gun Bulk, & Nylon Belt Holster

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ULTIMATE VALUE 12-PIECE PACK: Unlock unbeatable value with our exclusive 12-piece stun gun pack! Every single order includes not just one, but a pack of 12 stun guns, you can now equip your family and friends with reliable self-defense tools.

PROFESSIONAL SELF DEFENSE EQUIPMENT: Powerful stun gun flashlight combination. Deliver strongest available power. This tactical and strong pain-inducing stun gun has an impressive charge (intolerable pain)—reliable protection when you need it most!. You Will Get one stun gun only

GAURENTEED MAXIMUM STRENGTH: 3-in-1 formula includes max strength pepper spray, CS tear gas for enhanced burning and UV marking dye to help ID suspect. This pepper spray comes with 18% OC red pepper spray and UV identifying dye with 12 foot range with 25 burst in a powerful pressurized stream for optimum efficiency without blowback. Our pepper spray is made in USA.

✅SNATCH PREVENTION TECHNOLOGY: Shock plates on the side of the stun gun will shock an attacker if they attempt to take the gun from you; Contoured grip aids hand alignment making it easy to use and control