Wrist Wraps 12" (Pair) - Ideal for Squats, Powerlifting,Gym,Bodybuilding, Weightlifting, Cross Training WODs & Gym Workout - Compression & Elastic Support

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Train with enduring sports brand FIGHTSENSE Wrist Wraps are a combination of the best in comfort and durability perfectly suited for heavy lift days. These heavy duty 3" wide and 12" extended length wraps are made from cotton elastic for maximum support and thumb loops with extra length Velcro to ensure they never shift when in use. Constructed from a heavy blend cotton-eglantine for maximum support and longevity. Our wrist straps provide the ultimate in support and protection for the wrists so you can blast your way past your current boundaries you'll be amazed at the extra weights attained. One size fit all. Sold as Pair.

Key Features:  

  • Hit new PR’s in shrugs, bench press, cleans, jerks, overhead or shoulder press with these professional wrist straps. Stretchy 18" wrist wrap straps, manufactured using our exclusive absorbent, strong and elastic blend of materials. Our wrist wraps envelop your wrists so they’ll feel iron clad to avoid wrist injury. You'll instantly be able to feel the enhanced wrist support when you put FIGHTSENSE wraps on.
  • FIGHTSENSE Massive 2.5" x 1/2" thumb loops and 12" Length for fast and easy winding of your wrist straps. Utilizing superior grade thumb loops for a customized fit, allowing you to control the tension around your wrist and get the right level of support you want. We guarantee our long-life, high performance wrist wraps won’t fall apart. They include heavy duty double stitching with loop zone to secure your wraps firmly in place for your entire gym workout.
  • FIGHTSENSE exclusively designed wrist wraps and be the envy of your gym buddies! Built to last using the eco-friendly materials while others use synthetic or cheap inferior material that digs into your hands, irritates your skin and does not stretch. Show who you are and click the Add to Cart button now to try these out.
  • Get a better performing wrist strap without sacrificing comfort. Not only will you find them to stretch while offering strong wrist support, they are comfortable and moisture absorbent unlike nylon wraps. If you don’t want wraps that dig into your hands try the new FIGHTSNESE Wrist wraps today and feel the difference. If you’re not 100% satisfied, simply return them for your money back.
  • Compare our Wrist Wraps to others and you’ll discover what so many other thrilled athletes, fitness professionals, and happy customers have:  (Fightsense) products might simply be the best, most durable, and most effective weight training gear you’ve ever tried. Don't buy inferior or cheaper products that you'll need to replace, we stand behind our products. Click the Add to Cart button now for wrist support you will set new PR’s with.Sold as Pair
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