FIGHTSENSE Flashlight Lipstick Stun Gun & Pepper spray combo pack Women Self Defense Bright Led Flashlight - Rechargeable Battery

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✅SELF DEFENSE LIPSTICK: Lipstick Stun Gun use for self-Defense & Protection. Lipstick Stun Gun delivers a powerful, electrifying jolt and a loud sound that will scare any attacker, yet sleek enough to accessorize as a daily carry

GAURENTEED MAXIMUM STRENGTH: 3-in-1 formula includes max strength pepper spray, CS tear gas for enhanced burning and UV marking dye to help ID suspect. This pepper spray comes with 18% OC red pepper spray and UV identifying dye with 14 foot range with 25 burst in a powerful pressurized stream for optimum efficiency without blowback. Our pepper spray is made in USA.

✅CONCEALED TECHNOLOGY: Hidden in the front bezel of this Stun gun lies a high voltage concealed stun prong capable of immobilizing an attacker, allowing you enough time to escape.

✅MAXIMUM PROTECTION: High voltage generator and a built in nickel cadmium rechargeable battery with an advanced electric pulse technology and LED Flashlight function.

✅COMPACT DESIGN - Easy to carry and hold. Compact 5" cylinder baton design fits in your pocket or purse.