FIGHTSENSE (12 pcs) Super Heavy Duty Stun Gun with Flashlight for Men and Women self Defense Device, Rechargeable Stun Gun, Nylon Holsters

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The FIGHTSENSE Stun Gun is an exceptional self-defense tool that surpasses ordinary deterrents with its incapacitating jolt, causing intolerable pain, as confirmed by the National Institute of Justice. Designed with your peace of mind in mind, its safety switch prevents accidental discharge, ensuring your safety and that of those around you. This versatile device combines a powerful 120 lumen flashlight, serving both as a tool for disorienting potential attackers and as a convenient everyday companion. With its compact and minimalist design, you can easily carry it clipped to your belt loop or stored in your purse for quick and accessible use. The rubberized body provides a secure grip and minimizes slippage, allowing you to maintain control in high-pressure moments. Additionally, the built-in battery ensures multiple uses, and recharging is effortless with the Slide Out Charging feature. Elevate your personal safety with the Stun Gun – a symbol of strength, reliability, and accessibility – empowering you to confidently face any situation and take control of your personal security.


  • ULTIMATE VALUE 12-PIECE PACK: Unlock unbeatable value with our exclusive 12-piece stun gun pack! Every single order includes not just one, but a pack of 12 stun guns, you can now equip your family and friends with reliable self-defense tools.
  • LIGHT THE WAY TO SAFETY: Illuminate your path to safety with the bright and powerful 120 lumen flashlight built into the FIGHTSENSE Stun Gun. It serves as a potent tool for disorienting potential attackers, providing a safe distance between you and any danger. Unlock doors effortlessly and find essentials in your bag or purse with ease, as the flashlight serves as a versatile companion in everyday situations.
  • EMPOWER YOUR DEFENSE: Say goodbye to tangled wires and connectors! Our revolutionary stun gun with a cutting-edge Slide-Out Charging feature is discreetly located at the bottom for quick and convenient access. Simply slide it out, and you're ready to charge - no fuss, no hassle. It has a built-in battery that provides reliable and long-lasting power. As soon as you plug in the stun gun, the side-mounted red light indicator provides a reliable signal that the charging is in progress.