Ankle D-Ring Strap Thigh Pulley Lifting Paded Multi GYM Cable Attachment Pair Camo Gray

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FIGHTSENSE Pro Heavy Duty Ankle Strap Cable Attachment Leg Workout Training Exercise Pulley, Stretching or Resistance. Constructed from Neoprene Gel Padding to provide Stability and Shock Absorption while providing maximum comfort. A special Breathable Inner Lining to reduce Sweat built up and provide soft contact for skin. 11" in Length and 4" Wide Neoprene Cushion, with Extended 9" Nylon Strap with Buckle offers secure grip while training. Twin D Rings can be used with any Multi Gym or Cable Attachments. Excellent accessory to boost Leg and lower body workouts. Extremely Durable and Long Lasting Quality. This item is sold in Pairs and comes in One Size Fits ALL.Black,Blue,Pink,Red,Purple Colors.

Key Features:  

    • FIGHTSENSE Pro Neoprene Gel Ankle Strap Cable Attachment.
    • 2-inch Twin D Rings For easy Cable Attachment With Any Multi Gym Or Machines.
    • Perfect Offers Excellent Grip And Stability For Training.
    • 11" in Length And 4" Wide Gel Neoprene Shock Absorption Padding.
    • One Size Fits All and Sold As A Pair Quantity 1 Pairs(2Pcs).